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Select and Submit a Winter Service Form at the bottom of the page. We will then call to confirm.

Winter Storage & Winterizations:

  • Indoor Jetski Storage: $350 per unit
  • Outside Jetski Storage: $150 per unit
  • Outside Boat Storage 30ft & under: $200
  • Indoor Boat Storage up to 25: $1,000
  • Includes your trailer storage and blocking fee
  • Trailer only storage: $150/season

PWC Winterizations:

Winterizing your Jetski or Boat is not as simple as adding a fuel stabilizer, flushing with antifreeze, and draining your engine bay. There are steps needed to prevent any damage to your equipment come to Springtime.

  • 2 Stroke: $120 + parts
  • 4 Stroke: $150 + parts
  • Parts include Oil and Filter: $65 plus tax

Price may vary depending on the brand of watercraft

Outboard Boat Winterizations:

  • 2 Stroke outboard $140 + parts
  • 4 Stroke Outboard $175 + parts
  • Parts include Oil and Filter: $95 plus tax
  • Lower Unit Oil Change: $17.95/quart

Price may vary depending on the brand of Outboard 

Jetboat Winterization:

  • 2 Stroke: $140 + parts
    • Additional 2 stoke engine: $80 + parts
  • 4 Stroke: $175 + parts
    • Additional 4 stroke engine: $90 + parts
  • Parts include Oil and Filter: $95 plus tax

Shrink Wrapping:

  • Jetskis: $14.50/ft
  • Boats: $14.50/ft (read below)
    • Vents, moisture bags included

Please Read: For pontoon boats, we will have to add 10 so that we can add stanchions and get the wrap over the front of the boat and over the motor. If you have a boat with a tower, we will have to add additional feet as well.

Other Winter Service Options:

  • Pressure Wash Pontoons: $75
  • Pressure Wash Tri-Toons: $100
  • Jetski Detailing: $150

Bottom Painting:

  • Pontoon Boat: $15/ft
  • Tri-Toon: $22.5/ft

Watercraft Pickup and Delivery:

  • Pickup Watercraft: $75/unit
  • Deliver Watercraft: $75/unit

Call 410-723-4227 to schedule a day to drop off your equipment.

Watercraft Service Work Requested

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